Yamaha EF2000iS Generator Review

EF2000iS is an inverter generator that is highly sought after by consumers. This type of generators, as opposed to regular portable ones, comes at a higher price. An average 4000-watt generator gives twice the power for a half or third of the price of the inverter one.

With a maximum power of 2000 watts, EF2000iS works in a much more efficient and quieter manner than its non-inverter counterparts. It is also significantly lighter.

When it comes to electronic devices that are sensitive to power, such as personal computers, inverter generators are the most optimal way to go. AC power from inverter generators is transferred via pure sine waves that are known for cleanliness and reliability, which exceed those that you find in power sources of a majority of other generators.

You should know what you value the most in a generator: power ratio or features and benefits. Look up the price for EF2000iS on Amazon. This should help you decide whether it is worth your consideration or not.

Nearly all of the customer reviews are positive, and 235 people gave it a 5-star rating. It is an established fact that Yamaha and Honda are the top brands among inverter generators.

Buying a generator is practically the same thing as buying a car. The majority of cars will do the job of taking you from one place to another. Naturally, you would want the best that your budget can get. Buying EF2000iS is an equivalent of buying the best car – you get a product of high quality in both cases.

There is an article on our website that provides an insight into how inverter generators, such as EF2000iS, function. The most notable feature of inverter generators is their ability to adapt their power output to match the required load. So if your generator is not running at its maximum power, then its engine is going to slow down to match the load. It allows the generator to achieve better quietness and efficiency in terms of fuel consumption.

EF2000iS has an AC output of 1600 watts, with its maximum reaching 2000 watts. This fact makes it a poor choice if you need to power more than a few devices simultaneously. You can get two EF2000iS models and connect them to each other via a dedicated cable, thereby, increasing their power output to 3000 watts.

This generator is more of a mobile solution rather than a stationary machine that you have for blackouts. Spare power probably won’t be enough to power any extra devices. For a home generator, you’ll definitely need something else. The recommended minimum a home generator is expected to have is power of 5000 watts and a transfer switch.

When the generator’s output is at 1600 watts, you receive 13.3, whereas the maximum output provides 16.7 amps. EF2000iS adheres to the standards of US generators, providing you with 120V, single phase 60Hz. We recommend that you look up how many devices a generator with this wattage can run. Having this kind of information at hand is highly useful because you can use it for other portable generators.

This model comes with Pulse Width Modulation feature that allows the generator to create pure sine wave, which lets you power devices that have microcomputers, as well as electric tools controlled by them.

The thing about pure sine waves is that they produce cleaner power which allows the generator to be used with sensitive electronics without the fear of damaging it.

EF2000iS’s TwinTech feature allows it to be used with another EF2000iS to double the power to 3000 watts and 25 amps, with the maximum of 3600 watts and 30 amps. To do that you are going to have to buy a special cable.

Starting the Yamaha 2000 Generator

Just like any other small inverter generator, EF2000iS is fired up with a manual start. It is said that the generator can be fired up in a matter of one or two pulls thanks to the auto-decompression system.

What about Noise Level for Yamaha EF2000iS

When it comes to making noise, EF2000iS is among those generators that emit the least noise, which is attributed to the muffler installed in it. The muffler allows the generator to keep noise levels low, so it remains practically silent. The muffler is also complemented by the generator’s design that blocks any sound and glass wool materials that soak up the noise. So the noise remains somewhat low even when the generator is under high pressure.

EF2000iS has a decibel rating of 51.5 BA at a quarter of its load at a distance of about 7 meters. At this level of noise, you can talk to someone while standing by it. You may not even know that the generator is on.

Do keep in mind that a quarter of its load is just 400 watts. A regular portable generator with a maximum power of 2000 watts presents a different case. Decibels for such a generator would amount to about 60-70 at the said load, since they can’t lower their power output. You’re going to hear the generator’s roar even when it is under a low load. It should be noted that the decibel scale has an exponential growth. So when you go from 50 to 60 decibels, those 10 more decibels actually increase the volume by a factor of 2.

So when you combine that with the muffler and feet that isolate vibration, what you get is the minimum amount of noise.

The generator’s muffler has a built-in spark arrestor that holds an USFS approval. It is an excellent choice for any outdoor outing.

Economy Control Switch

One of the major features of EF2000iS is its economy control switch. Once it is on, the generator immediately matches its output to the load. This mode reduces fuel consumption significantly. It also lowers the noise emitted. This is an opposite of what you get with regular portable generators that tend to increase in their noise levels as the output grows.

When you turn off the switch, expect the engine of the generator to perform at 4500 rpm no matter the load.

If you’re dealing with devices that require high watt levels, then the economy control switch has to be switched off to account for the significant increase of load put on the generator.

AC pilot light, which is located on top of power panel, indicates the engine starting and power coming through with a green light.

There is also a red light that tells you when the generator is overloaded by the connected electronics. It is also used to indicate overheating of the inverter control unit, as well as an increase in AC output voltage.

In case of such emergencies, AC protector, also known as a breaker, blocks power in order to protect the generator and electronics that are connected. Next, AC pilot light is turned off, whereas the light indicating overload remains active. It should be noted that the engine keeps on running even though it doesn’t provide electricity.

User Friendliness

Design of EF2000iS is a combination of portability and compactness and a mix of new and old school. With a weight of just 44 pounds, nearly everyone can move it around on their own.

The generator’s compact size makes its transportation and storage a simple task. Its handles have an ergonomic design, meaning it doesn’t press into your hand so hard that it leaves a mark. It is not something you will have to worry about everytime you want to move it around.

If the generator is to be moved in a pickup truck, you have to make sure that it is held firmly in place. Its small feet and relatively tall build make it prone to falling. If it falls while being on, it might end up producing a lot of smoke until it runs out of oil.

Its side panels repel dust and dirt, and they can be removed easily in order to provide an access to the generator’s insides.

It should not come as a surprise that people who are into camping and DIY lifestyle very much prefer EF2000iS. And if they don’t choose EF2000iS, they usually go for some other inverter generator.


It is advised that you use 10W-30 oil if the generator is expected to be outdoors. This generator doesn’t have this type of oil out of the box, and you need to ensure that you have some. Its oil tank capacity amounts to about 4 liters.

Good news is that there is no danger of engine damage being caused by the lack of oil. EF2000iS has a system that monitors the level of oil in its tank. When there is a need for a change of oil or refill, the warning system will inform you of that. But even with that system in place you ought to keep tabs on the oil level everytime the generator is on.

A special light on the panel turns on when the oil level gets low, indicating when a refill is needed.

Yamaha EF2000iS User Reviews

EF2000iS users have nothing but positive things to say about the purchase. More than 230 Amazon buyers, out of approximately 300, gave it the highest rating of 5 stars. If you combine 5-star ratings with 4-star ones, then you get 90% of all the reviews.

Buying EF2000iS is a no-brainer given its highly positive reviews and impressive popularity. But you need to consider your demands in terms of power. It is the right choice for you if it delivers all the features you need within the price that you’re willing to pay. There is no better testament to EF2000iS than the fact that it has been holding the title of a bestseller for years.


EF2000iS includes a terrific warranty from its manufacturer. What you get is a 2-year warranty which includes the whole generator in case of defective parts, as well as 3-year workmanship.

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