Remote Start Generators

As helpful as generators are; however, some users still need more. They would prefer to remain inside during storms rather than go outside with their generator, powering it up and setting a control. This has made the increasing number of companies offer remote start generators and sometimes even aftermarket kits in order to retroactively include a remote start to the offered equipment.

Why Purchase a Remote Start Generator?

Nobody wants to go outside amidst a hurricane or extreme thunderstorm; not to turn on the generator when the electrical lines sustain a hit. On account of that, a great number of people are turning to an innovative alternative, known as a remote starting power source. The tool will provide you with an excellent opportunity to stay inside and power up your generator from a safe spot. This is perfect for storms, which occur in the middle of the night so that you need to get out of the bed and power up the generator. Nowadays, you can deal with the electricity problems without getting dressed and leaving the house.

Retroactively Attaching a Remote Start

The vast majority of up-to-date and quality generators on the market feature a remote start option. Nevertheless, if you do not want to purchase a new item for your worksite, RV or home, you may buy a kit which will transform your old generator into an ultimately new piece – a remote start option. 4PRO is one of the most popular choices. It is available at moderate cost and works at 433MHz frequency. With the item, you can stand 10-100 m away from the generator and still be able to start it. However, one of the common ideas is that your old generator needs to be equipped with an automatic choke. Probably, you may need to attach several wires to relay switch and after that, you will be able to use the key fob as planned.

How Safe Are Remote Generators?

Generally, remote generators are quite safe to use; especially if you consider the fact that they can prevent you from going out in bad weather. Nevertheless, when installing a remote, think of the possible issues, such as premature draining down of the battery and loose connections. A considerable number of kits are costly, so it may be easier and much cheaper to get a completely new generator. For instance, generators, such as the Champion Power Equipment offers a remote start. The item also features 4,000 starting watts and 3,500 running watts.

Top 3 Remote Start Generator Options

  1. Westinghouse

This electric start engine provides 10,000 starting watts and 8,000 running watts of power. It is gas powered and CARB compliant having a unique option of remote control. It is rather powerful so a variety of electronics can run on the produced electricity. On the other hand, it is characterized by a Low THD that is perfect for charging sensitive electronics. 9.2 gallons of gas is the capacity of the fuel tank. The overall runtime reaches up to 19 hours at a 25% load. Excluding gas, everything necessary is included with the purchase.

  1. Energizer

This capable generator guarantees a quiet run. Working at 75% load will just keep it running at 71Dba. The equipment is characterized by an electric remote start system that gives you a chance to start it from a considerable distance. It is CARB compliant. The energizer has an automatic throttle, which saves fuel. It generates only the power you need and provides you with an ability to power up a range of devices without problems.

  1. Firman Generators

It is a smaller option, if compare to the items mentioned above. It features 4,000 starting watts, though it is powered by innovative 6.5 196 CC OHV engine. Additionally, it is very portable due to the flat-free, heavy duty tires.  

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