Honda Generator 2000

So, is it possible for Honda to meet the needs of its broad clientele with the EU2000i generator? For how long can they maintain the popularity of one product? Can they just stop producing iconic generators? No. They simply had to go further. Thus, this year Honda released its new ingenious product, the EU2200i, statewide. The generator is incomparable. No matter whether you are going camping, on excursions or need support with your car, this movable generator will be an excellent choice.


  • Affordable price – now we can enjoy it;
  • Completely noiseless running compared to other options of the same power rate;
  • Easy to move and carry around;
  • No trouble with maintenance;
  • Two-year’s warranty is the guarantee.

Honda has been known for the production of movable inverter-based generator series since time immemorial. Their history began two decades ago when Honda was first to use the inverter in movable encasings. However, the company’s inverter innovation was so long-lived that it could easily produce similar power as the “line capacity”. This was virtually impossible for any other generator in those years. Along with such an approach, they ensured that the generator model was movable, user-friendly and not too heavy so that no one else could outperform them. As years went by, Honda was trying hard to enhance its designs, models, and capacities and in the end, they landed at the EU2000i model. This product has rightfully become iconic. It had greater capacity than ever, being characterized by a much more durable construction, impeccable performance and absolutely noise-free running. This model is perfect in many respects. It has remained popular for a long time, and the company was dominating the industry with such an innovative generator.

So, is it possible for Honda to meet the needs of its broad clientele with the EU2000i generator? For how long can they maintain the popularity of one product? Can they just stop producing iconic generators? No. They simply had to go further. Thus, this year Honda released its new ingenious product, the EU2200i, statewide. The generator is incomparable. It produces 10% more power than the previous EU2000i model. It has loads of new functions that made this model unique among the rest of movable generators produced by Honda and other companies. It is added with color ciphered elements, easy petrol fill/empty technology, premium fuel shutting handle, clustered production capacity on low-level RPM and many other functions that simplified the process of using, shifting and maintaining the device.

The first ever model was EU1000i through which the company completely transformed the movable inverter-based generator market. It had its own reasons to keep silent for the next few years, and in two decades Honda introduced a new EU2200i model, which is the least noisy of all. If a movable generator is to be characterized as not heavy, potent and almost noiseless, then the EU2200i model definitely belongs to this category.

Is the New Honda EU2200i Easy to Run?

Is it really? Let’s discover the details.

In fact, it has a formidable automatic de-compressor which lets users enable the machine with almost no effort. The company has definitely simplified the process of running the generator. It has an iconic noise decreasing capacity, which lets it run as quietly as possible. To put it simple, you will enjoy up to 57 dB(A) when operating it at full capacity. This indicates that you may place it anywhere and just leave it alone. One more incredible feature is its light weight, which amounts to not more than 47lbr. This makes it extremely easy to carry around the place. What about its size? The parameters of 20.0” x 11.4” x 16.7” mean that it is quite small, which is another good feature. A simplified process of oil fill/empty added with a fuel shutting handle makes it a lot more user-friendly. It also has an elaborate oil indicator that automatically stops the generator if there is not enough fuel. There is no need to wait or check on fuel any more. It is equipped with the oil capacity of 0.95 gal, which is explained by its lightweight construction, and it also has 10% higher running time than the previous models. EU2200i is added with the GXR120 engine that has long been appreciated for its reliable performance. Finally, the winding up process is also easy due to the new state-of-art technology. All this makes us conclude that EU2200i is extremely user-friendly.

What about the Power Capacity?

When it comes to discussing power, the motor is the primary concern. EU2200i has one of the most powerful engines – GXR120. It is produced for commercial use and allows for the smooth, noise-free and effective running of the machine. Its size is small as opposed to other motors, so it is hard to outperform it. It guarantees incredible power backup for the EU2200i model. The good news is that GXR120 engine was authentically designed for heavy machinery, which means that the engine’s trustworthy and durable construction is beyond any doubts.

When it comes to analyzing the power capacity of this outstanding engine, you will receive AC capacity of 120V 2200W at a maximum (18.3A), as well as 1800W (15A), while the DC capacity is 100W, 12V (8.3A). This indicates that the engine can be used for operating diverse digital appliances. They include blender, TV and video recorder, PC, hair dryer, microwave, illumination, freezer, refrigerator and many others.

One more splendid quality of EU2200i that guarantees incredible power capacity is an ability to connect devices in parallel. This allows for uniting the brand-new EU2200i with EU2000i K1/T1 versions or one more identical model to ensure greater convenience and increased output. This will guarantee supreme user experience and good power backup for your individual needs.

What about Maintenance?

EU2200i is ranked among the most noiseless movable generators of Honda. This is an inverter-based version that incorporates skillfully crafted construction which allows for the noise-free running. Just as always, the company has made sure that the maintenance process is comfortable and easy. There are multiple ingenious aspects of design, and they are wholly concentrated on simplified maintenance process. Each client can cope with this procedure without expertise.

EU2200i has a bigger fuel filling opening together with a bit longer tip. This will let you recharge your generator with greater ease. Bigger fuel drain opening allows for almost instant changing of oil. This also assists in cleaning the generator from any contaminants.

It is also equipped with a fuel shutting handle. This allows stopping the engine whenever the machine lacks fuel. You will just have to turn to “fuel off” mode to do it. This will keep the machine parts in an excellent condition. Everything is done pretty much on its own accord so there is nothing to worry about.

Highly durable construction and decreased level of possible harm are guaranteed by the recoiling rope made from metal. Therefore, you may not worry about the entire construction. There are also color-ciphered contact points to allow for an easy wind-up.

The generator can be combined with a range of other models to ensure hard-hitting running. This feature is fixed so there is no probability of an error. It is easy to operate and you will need no expert knowledge, but only a few guidelines to go through the procedure. You can easily unite EU2200i with the identical version or some other model such as EU2000i K1/T1.

Ventilation feature is a significant part of any device, and this movable generator has all you need. It has an enhanced ventilation space of 2.31 square inch. This will guarantee better cooling of the inverter-based technology. There are also extra ducts that are supposed to ensure a better air flow. This will allow for cooling of all major elements and maintaining the durability of the machine. It is also capable of enhancing the general performance of this tool.

To put it simply, the EU2200i model is equipped with everything necessary. You will not have to undergo much trouble with maintenance, because everything has been calculated and made automatic. This is an ingeniously designed machine that is easy to take care of. Take a look at the holder’s instructions to find out the details.

Is It Added with a Proper Warranty?

In fact, all EU2200i models are added with not just proper warranty, but the best one of all. As opposed to other models, this version has three years of warranty for regular and commercial usage. This adds some confidence to users regarding its capacity due to such a longtime warranty. Don’t forget that it is better to buy this movable generator from an official dealer in order to get the warranty. It is definitely soothing to see that your device is covered by a three-year warranty. There is no other option of such kind across the entire collection of products. Honda representatives admit that they are fully confident about this brand-new invention and claim that you will not require any warranty as the generator will most likely run properly for many more years to come.

Is It Costly?

This is an urgent question indeed. However, before evaluating its value, it is worth having a look at what you will get as a result. First, you will have a device from the trustworthy Honda Company. You will get a powerful engine inside this fantastic machine. It weighs less than 47 lbs and produces less noise. On top of all that, it has three years of warranty. Thus, is it costly? Not much. Honda’s estimated retail value amounts to $1,149.95, which is much less than the price of the old model. You might even get a discount if you are lucky.

Difference from Previous Version of EU2000i

First, you need to understand that the EU2000i is not produced by Honda anymore. Therefore, getting a totally new device is not so easy. When it comes to evaluating the engine, then the new version definitely has a much better one. The EU2200i model has a 121 cc heavy GXR120 engine, while the previous version is equipped with Gx100. The DC capacity in the new one is 12V, 100W (8.3A), while the old model has a bit lower characteristics – 12V, 96W (8A). Furthermore, EU2200i has 10% higher capacity from different perspectives. It produces additional 200V compared to the old model and allows the user to attach a broad choice of digital devices. Besides, the new model costs a bit less than the old version but has better characteristics. Unlike other models, EU2200i is added with 2.31 square inch of ventilated space, and this is what allows keeping the device cool even at the topmost running speed. This will protect the generator from possible harm. EU2200i is a big heavier than the old version weighing 47 pounds, which is one pound more than EU2000i. Although the two devices have a low noise rate of 53 dB, at the topmost running speed, the new model turns out to produce a bit more noise. EU2000i produces 59 dB at its highest capacity, whereas EU2200i produces 62dB under the same conditions. However, the new model also produces 200W greater power, so it is quite understandable.

Yamaha EF2000iS versus Honda EU2000i

This is a forceful fight. Although both models have a few insignificant differences, they are in many ways similar, so let’s analyze what they have in common. Same power capacity (2.0kW at a maximum/1.6kW at regular speed), same warranty (3 years), identical inverter-based innovation, identical RPM (Yamaha is added with Smart-Brake, while Honda is equipped with Eco-Brake mechanism), same ability to connect devices in parallel and almost identical parameters and weight.


Honda EU2200i is an incredible invention of the company. After a while, Honda has launched a brand-new movable generator of an indisputable quality. The company’s reputation on the respective market is impeccable, and they have proved it by launching this new generator version. There are multiple generators in the industry, but the likes of this model can be seen not so often. Nobody has yet produced the similar “line power” with this level of skill. Three years of warranty are also a big pro. Besides, the parallel connectivity is one more incredible quality of this machine. Finally, it produces less noise, so this model is worth giving it a go.

Where to Purchase EU2200i?

This model has been on sale since spring of this year and the company has established the price of $1,149.95. The value is much lower than that of the old version. You may purchase it both through the internet and in stores. It is, however, better to purchase it from an official dealer that will guarantee the same warranty terms. There are a few online shops that might sell it at a discount, but most of these are China-based ones, so don’t even try. If you are sure you wish to buy this model online, it is better to do it through Amazon. They provide excellent client assistance, and there won’t be any trouble with the warranty either. As for the price, most dealers would sell it for a set value, but some might allow you to get a discount. If you purchase it from an official dealer or on Amazon, then you might be confident about getting a price reduction.

10% greater power capacity: EU2200i is much more forceful that the old version. This permits users to connect it to more devices. 2200W power supply allows connecting a broad range of machines that had never been possible previously. There is no difference what device you connect to EU2200i.

GXR120 Engine: It was initially oriented on heavy machinery and now it has been added to EU2200i. This makes the generator’s construction more durable and trusted. The GXR120 engine belongs to the premium-class category, and it can generate simultaneous output supply, which is ideal for EU2200i.

Smooth wind-up: This model guarantees a simplified wind-up procedure. It has an automatic de-compressor that guarantees decreased power necessary for enabling the generator.

Lower noise level: Loudness is a big problem when it comes to using a generator. Honda produced a much quieter generator that is almost noiseless and perfect for being used at home or during camping.

Lightweight construction: Considering that the generator is called movable, the new invention by Honda has a very lightweight construction. It weighs only 47 pounds and its dimensions are quite small, so it is easy to move it around.

Petrol Capacity: This model is packed with an Eco-Brake mechanism which guarantees premium petrol capacity. It can operate for up to 8.1 hours using not more 1 gallon of petrol.

Parallel Connectivity: If you need greater power, you could use EU2200i in parallel with other models or the same one to ensure greater capacity.

Petrol Shutting Technology: When using this option, your generator will stop running on its own accord when it realizes there is not enough fuel. This will prevent any trouble together with the mechanical damage that can be caused to its parts. This will allow for a more secure and longer operation capacity.

Digital Chain Breaker: EU2200i is equipped with an incredible chain breaker technology that allows safeguarding the machine against power overload.

State-of-art Inverter Innovation: This model has an impeccable inverter innovation in place, which is ideal for such vulnerable devices as laptops, mobile phones, etc.

Warranty: EU2200i has a three-year warranty for personal and commercial usage. To get an access to this feature, you will need to buy the generator from the official dealer or Amazon.

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