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It’s impossible to overstate just how vital a generator is for a household. Having a functioning generator allows you to use the electric devices you need, as well as other basic necessities that require electricity. It might be difficult to choose a generator that fits your needs and lets you rely on it. The majority of generators you find on the shelves aren’t made for regular use. Most of the time, generators don’t reach their designed capacity. When these generators are forced to work without days off, they frequently break down in a handful of months. EU7000iS is renowned for its reliability. It’s systematically used in situations where the power supply is of utmost necessity.

If what you need is a generator for seldom occasions, then you should probably go for one of Predator generators. But if you look for a generator to be used on the most regular basis, then Honda’s models are your best and only bet.

Low budget suitcase generators of Honda are used around the globe. Most often, they are utilized by construction companies. If your power requirements exceed those of said generators, then you might find the euro series models a lot more suitable for your situation. Euro series generators hold the top positions in their category. We are going to review the EU7000iS model and check whether it adheres to the quality its brand exhibits.

EU7000iS thrives under heavy load. You can leave it on for days with no harm done to the generator itself. This model comes with a handful of emergency shutdown functions aimed at protecting the generator from the typical harmful things that might happen to it.

Despite its capacity, this generator is rather small. Honda achieved this by placing controls and case above its motor. This solution resulted in EU7000iS being leaner and taller than the majority of its counterparts. Given its small size, the generator is somewhat heavy. The weight issue is alleviated by its folding handles and rubberized wheels. The latter provides the generator with an improved traction and mobility on all kinds of surfaces. Pulling it upstairs or through gravel required a certain amount of effort, but it was definitely manageable.

Folding feature of EU7000iS’s handles is quite helpful since it allows the generator to be more compact and take less storage space. We usually have a distrust of folding handles, because that’s exactly where manufacturers choose to cut corners. Honda recognized this fact, so they went for metal brackets; these make sure that handles stay firmly in place, and they are also more durable.

Another benefit of this model’s handles is their large size. Manufacturers tend to make them small in order to minimize the space they take when the handles are sticking out. Larger handles make it a lot easier to lift the generator and move it around, even though it’s hefty.

The generator’s controls are situated on a simple single panel. It’s an extremely handy solution because it allows you to place the generator in a corner and operate it without any hassle.

Those who choose EU7000iS won’t have to pull on the ripcord to start their generators. Instead, they would only have to press a button to turn it on. From our experience, the generator started instantly without any difficulties, though it should be noted that the generator was new. It didn’t take more than one attempt to start it in most cases.

A small LCD display allows you to monitor the performance: output at the moment, RPM, power usage, and voltage. Information provided by these indicators is highly useful. Sometimes the output of generators can temporarily sink lower than what manufacturers claim it ought to be. And sometimes power ratings aren’t precise. Knowing the current output of your generator, as well as how much more can it handle, allows you to decide exactly how many devices it can power.

Right part of control panel hosts all the necessary sockets. There are two regular 110v plugs, the ones typically used at home. There’s a standalone 110V GFCI connector next to them. Finally, the control panel also has locking ground fault disconnect switches. These switches are used most often in situations where protection from ground faults is required. Generators are rarely grounded, and that’s why it’s an essential safety mechanism to have against any inadvertent damage.

The opposite side has another connector that looks the same way. It supports voltages of 120V and 240V. There’s a switch, located at the bottom left part, that allows toggling between these voltages. With the latter, you can use heavy kitchen appliances, such as ovens and fridges, or other devices that might require this voltage.


It is not an uncommon complaint that the power of low budget models is lacking. When put under constant pressure, these generators produce higher distortion levels in their sine waves of AC power. EU7000iS displays a much cleaner sine wave, with its total harmonic distortion hovering at 4%; compare that with 6% of New York’s power grid. That is what makes this generator a perfect choice for those looking for a home generator, as well as those who strongly rely on a clean sine wave.

When the generator is working, its voltage and frequency remain very stable with rare drops. It seems as if the power regulator is holding back the generator’s output, which would otherwise be higher. The majority of generators begin to falter at about 70% of their outputs, whereas EU7000iS, despite being tested at its maximum capacity, displayed stable high voltages. It should be noted that if you intend to make this generator reach its limit, then you have to be certain that you have connected everything in a proper manner. A heavy-duty extension cord is a necessity if EU7000iS is to be utilized at its maximum performance. Keep in mind that a cord of insufficient capacity can expose the generator to damage.

Noise Level

The generator’s engine stands atop of rubber feet. It also comes with advanced muffler system, which is rather exceptional at what it does. EU7000iS turned out to be practically noiseless. Standing 20 feet away from it, it was hard to discern any sounds coming from the generator. When you are close to the generator, you can hear the noise; however, we thought that it wasn’t overwhelming. Even when the generator is operating at levels close to its maximum capacity, it is nowhere near loud enough to stop you from having a conversation next to it. You may find it unnecessary, but it’s a neat feature to have.


EU7000iS is a gas generator. It would be a better generator if it had a dual fuel option; unfortunately, it is just not there. Nonetheless, reliance on a single type of fuel allows the generator to achieve higher efficiency, meaning it generates a high amount of power in exchange for low fuel consumption. You can cut down on fuel consumption even more with the help of eco-throttle mode. It manages to do so by greatly reducing power output. With eco-throttle mode, you get about 3,500-4,000 RMS watts for half the fuel. It is a highly convenient feature for those occasions when you don’t need the entirety of power output of your generator. In our experience, we found ourselves using eco-throttle mode almost exclusively. And on rare occasions when we needed higher performance, we would just toggle back in order to increase the power output.


No generator is fail-proof under heavy load. Insufficient oil pressure and low quality of oil are the most often cited problems responsible for a failing generator. A sensor, which is situated right by the generator’s main inlet, keeps tabs on oil pressure, and if it gets too low, then the generator is turned off.

Similar emergency shutdown sensors are used for current protection, as well as overload. The main panel contains three LED lights. These indicate the reason why the generator has been turned off.

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