Honda EU3000iS Generator Review

A 3000-watt inverter-based generator Honda EU3000iS serves as a stable power source for such devices as PC, refrigerator, TV-set, microwave and air conditioner.

The following review gives a brief overview of the provided technology and responds to many arising issues as well as analyzes the aspects of running this type of generator. We are making sure that you understand whether or not it is a good choice to buy this kind of a 3000-watt generator.

Honda EU3000iS is a lot more expensive than the majority of other inverter generators with the same capacity, but it is many times more durable and less noisy than other options (check out the price range at

This generator weighs 131 pounds, which is extremely heavy for a single person. It, therefore, requires a minimum of two people to move and carry it as well as load and unload. It is not equipped with inboard wheels, but the wheel suite is provided. You may buy a set of wheels to allow for an easier and smoother movement of the generator around the place.

Honda EU3000iS is not packed with an automatic starter. You may modify this function at your own risk because the company does not produce such starters for this model.

It is not a noisy generator provided that it is equipped with a powerful engine. At the fullest capacity, it works much quieter than one may expect, and it will not cause much trouble while camping either.

This model is the best beginner-friendly option for camping-buses. It can be started and operated together with a 13500 BTU air-conditioning unit along with TV sets and illumination. Nevertheless, it might be necessary to switch off the air-conditioning unit in case you wish to cook something in the microwave or stove.

Honda EU3000iS is fitted with inverter innovation to guarantee never-failing power production for such vulnerable devices as PCs.


There are numerous issues that customers wish to clarify regarding Honda EU3000iS movable inverter-based generator. We have contributed much time to identifying such possible questions and responding to them accordingly. Below you may find advice on your particular matter of concern.

Does this model have an automatic starter?

Honda does not provide any automatic starters for this model. You may find an all-fitting automatic starter and use it for your generator. Nevertheless, if the automatic starter causes any troubles with the generator, it will not be covered by the warranty. This issue, therefore, is under your own responsibility.

How long can the generator operate at a designated power of 2,800 watts?

It can operate for not less than seven hours at the given capacity using one tank of fuel, after which it will have to be recharged.

Is it possible to move this generator only by handles?

No, there are other ways to move Honda EU3000iS. The company also provides a rotary wheelset for this inverter-based generator. The set has small-sized rotary wheels on one side and two bigger-sized wheels on the other. It is quite easy to install these wheels (only when the tank is fuel-free), which work properly on hard surfaces as well. These wheels might be too small for smooth shifting on rough textures, such as sand or grass.

There is one more set in store: it is a 2-wheel set equipped with an extensible grip handle. It is packed with 8-inch wheels made from rubber on one side and an extensible grip handle made from stainless steel on the other. It will let you move your Honda EU3000iS generator forward with the use of the grip handles and two wheels at the front.

What sort of plug outlets is Honda EU3000iS fitted with?

It is equipped with two 20A 120V convenience outlets as well as one 30A 120V fixing plug outlet. However, it is not added with 220V power plugs. Instead, it has one 12V, 144W, 12A direct current output used for reloading car batteries.

How well does this model operate in the high altitude conditions?

The regular carburetor construction is intended for altitudes lower than 1,500 meters. If you intend to permanently use the generator at a higher altitude, you need to ask the Honda service provider change the carburetor in place. Above the given limit, the air is too light for the regular carburetor setup. This construction will be too overfilled with fuel. If to make some changes, the air-fuel structure will work correctly. Nevertheless, the engine might still be deprived of a little more than 3% horsepower for every 1,000-foot altitude rise. This indicates that it might be difficult for you to charge the construction with the same amount of fuel as you would do at a lower altitude.

Don’t forget to allow the Honda service provider to change the carburetor setup once more in case you would ever need to descend to lower altitudes in order to ensure that the engine does not run hot due to low air-fuel capacity.

Is it allowable to operate this generator on propane?

Yes, it is allowable to add a tri-fuel transition set to the appliance. Nevertheless, this is not advised by its producer as well as the EPA and the CARB. If the generator gets broken due to the transition to propane, the broken part will not be subject to the warranty.

Is it allowable to utilize Honda EU3000iS and Honda EU2000i in parallel?

It is not permissible. You may only utilize a pair of similar generators of this company in parallel. It is only possible to get the two EU3000iS models together for parallel running.

Engine Start Switch and Wind up Crank

The engine start switch is intended for handling the ignition process. It has a total of three modes. You may plug in or plug out the engine start switch key in the OFF mode. You can enable the engine in the ON mode with the use of a pull starter. Use the pull starter handle if the battery power is not sufficient for igniting the engine. It also operates in the ON mode. You can use the automatic starter by switching to the START mode with the help of the engine key. Switch back to ON mode as soon as the engine has been enabled with the automatic starter. Return the engine to the OFF mode to ensure it stops.

Oil Valve Handle and Choke Grip

The oil valve handle allows the fuel to enter the engine. Switch to the ON mode before running the engine and switch it to the OFF mode after stopping it.

You could also pull the choke grip to the CLOSED mode in order to reduce the volume of air in the air-petrol mixture to make it more saturated when attempting to ignite a cold engine. You could also return the choke grip to the OPEN mode as soon as the engine warms up a bit to allow the air-petrol mixture to reach its usual consistency.

Eco-Brake Mechanism

The engine works at its fullest capacity when Eco-Brake mechanism is switched off, disregarding whether there is a device attached or not. If the mechanism is switched on, the speed of the engine will decrease if no appliance or small-sized device is attached to the generator. Its speed will rapidly rise if there is a heavier appliance plugged to it. This will ensure a much better petrol economy of the generator. It will also decrease the noise produced by the engine when smaller appliances are attached to it, which will allow for the quieter running of the system.

Is It Favorable to Use the Eco-Brake Mechanism or Not?

The Eco-Brake mechanism can ensure improved petrol consumption as well as make the system run quieter when switched on. It works properly if the generator is not overloaded with devices.

It is advisable to switch the mechanism off when you attach a device that requires impulse power to enable its electric-powered motor. Switch the Eco-Brake off before attaching and enabling the device that needs impulse power. Do not connect too many devices when the Eco-Brake mechanism is running.

Finally, keep it shut down when you wish to recharge the accumulator with the direct current output.

AC and DC Network Protector

The given generator model is fitted with three AC outlets: two of them are for 20A 120V and one of them is a fixing plug outlet for 30A 120V. The AC network protector shuts down the current supply from the outlets if the plugged devices surpass any of the outlet characteristics. Be careful to check whether there are any problems before turning the AC network protector to the ON mode. The DC network protector stops working if the DC battery load network is too heavily charged by the battery. Manage the problem before restarting the DC network protector. Remember that the DC protector does not help avoid the overcharging issue.

Indicator Lighting

The uppermost light is known as the capacity indicator light, which turns green when the generator is operating properly and the current flow is normal.

The indicator lighting located in the middle stands for the overcharge indicator. It turns red whenever the generator is too heavily loaded at over 3kVA. The current flow will be shut down in 4 seconds after overcharge is detected, while the green-colored capacity indicator light will switch off. The engine will work as usual, but there will be no current produced and delivered to the devices. You will have to check the current flow of the devices before restarting the AC network protector.

The bottommost indicator lighting is intended for the fuel warning system. The petrol indicator light is supposed to turn red whenever the petrol level in the tank decreases below the minimum rate. The engine will then cease working to avoid causing harm due to the lack of petrol.

What Should You Check Prior to Turning on the Generator?

  • Is the generator distanced a minimum of three feet from the nearby constructions?
  • Is there sufficient free space around the generator for the purpose of ventilation?
  • Are there any easily ignitable objects not far from the machine?
  • Is the engine mechanism switched off?
  • Is there enough petrol?
  • Is air washer clean?
  • Is there enough fuel?
  • Do the plugs, cords, and devices function properly?
  • Do the devices surpass the designated or impulse power of the generator?

How to Enable the Honda EU3000iS?

It could be hard to enable the generator in case the devices attached are switched on and trying to wind up together with the generator. Switch off the devices before starting the generator.

Next, you will need to switch on the petrol valve so that the fuel can enter the carburetor and burner section. Switch off the Eco-Brake mechanism to allow the engine to warm up a bit more rapidly. The engine might be cold, so shut the choke by dragging up the choke handle.

Now it is time to turn the engine to the START mode in order to enable the electric-powered starter. Bring the engine back to the ON mode as soon as the engine starts. If it does not start within 5 seconds, just leave it alone for 10 seconds before switching the electric-powered starter once more. This will help you avoid overheating of the motor. Don’t forget that if the engine is left in the ON mode when it stops working, it will lead to the complete discharging of the accumulator inside it. You need to first turn the engine to the OFF mode if you are not using the generator.

You may turn to the previously made instructions and bring the engine back to the ON mode if you want to utilize the hand starter. Pull its handle in your direction, allowing it to get back in place in a regular way without releasing the starter handle. Keep going up until the engine runs.

Open up the choke grip by thrusting it back as soon as the engine warms up. This should happen after it has worked several minutes. You can now turn the Eco-Brake to the ON mode in case you wish to use it.

How to Enable the EU3000iS if the Accumulator Runs out

If the accumulator has run out, you can remove it, reload it and replace the accumulator kept inside the generator, after which you may use the electric-powered starter.

Nevertheless, if you are short of time or not in the right place to recharge the accumulator, you may enable the generator with the hand starter. The following are the steps for manual winding:

  • Switch off all the devices attached to the generator;
  • Petrol valve grip should be turned ON;
  • If the engine is not warmed up, you might need to CLOSE the choke grip;
  • Engine control should be turned ON;
  • Pull the starter handle and wait till the engine winds up;
  • Allow the engine to warm up and then press the choke grip to the OPEN mode.

How to Stop the Generator

You may simply press the engine switch to the OFF mode in case you lack time. If your case is not urgent, you may go through the full stopping procedure by switching off and unplugging all the devices that you have attached to the generator. After that, you may switch off the engine by changing it to the OFF mode. Don’t forget to shut down the petrol valve grip.

Loading Accumulator with the DC Convenience Outlet

You could only utilize the DC convenience outlet in order to reload the 12-volt car battery. Do not utilize the Eco-Brake mechanism when reloading the accumulator as this will reduce the current capacity of the DC. Keep the mechanism switched off when using the DC.

AC Parallel Running

It is possible to connect a pair of Honda EU3000iS generators with a Honda parallel running cable set. You need to plug the cables into the parallel running receptacles on the generators.

The parallel running cable set is packed with its individual instructions that need to be followed to carry out the procedure. You can ignite the pair of generations as long as the parallel linkage is safe. Check the capacity indicator light on both generators to find out whether they are green. Switch on the desirable device.

Refrain from linking two differing models of generators. Instead, these should be the identical models to ensure smooth running. Purchase and utilize only a Honda validated parallel running cable set.

You should not connect or discard the parallel running set when the generators are on. If you wish to use only one of the designated generators, it is necessary to discard the parallel running set before starting the generator on its own.

The utmost capacity of the two Honda EU3000iS generators operating in parallel is suggested to be 6 kVA. Do not make the generators run at their fullest capacity for more than a couple of minutes, as it will reduce their lifespan. The designated capacity of both generators operating in parallel is estimated to be 5.6 kVA.

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