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Inverter-based generators are the most convenient movable power-producing devices that can be used in different circumstances, owing to their portable construction, reliable power, and user-friendliness. They are easy to operate due to their light weight and noise-free running. Below we will review the best generator models on today’s market. We will give trustworthy reviews, letting you know which choices you have and giving you a chance to find out which generators are the best. Our compare-contrast tables, reviews, and guidelines will allow you to discover everything you wish to know about different models of inverter generators, together with the details on their performance and the ways to purchase the best ones.

Explore Top 5 Models

  1. Honda EU220I Inverter-Based Model

There is a need to give credit to the most recent model known as Honda EU2200i due to its durability and excellent running. After the immense popularity of Honda EU2000i, the market saw a totally new version.

GTX120 engine allows producing greater power, not to mention that the generator weighs only 47 pounds. This is what makes it movable.

It accommodates one gallon of fuel, which makes it fuel-productive. It runs more than three hours at full capacity with a single tank filled up, while at a quarter of the maximum capacity, it can operate for more than 8 hours using just 450 Watts.

The EU2200i model has 2,200 Watts of wind-up capacity and 1,800 Watts of operating power. It is also added with numerous convenience outlets. Its state-of-art inverter innovation is ideal for powering a number of technical devices, such as smartphones, refrigerators, etc.

It is compatible with CARB and produces not many emissions, which makes it ideal for camping purses and as an additional source of power. It can also be expanded with another unit of the same version, which allows getting twice more power whenever necessary. Honda’s reputation is impeccable, and this model is definitely on top of the list. Read on to find out the details.


  • New EU2200i model is added with a bigger-sized engine. It produces more power and less noise as well as demonstrates improved performance in general. All this is provided for the same price and with the same parameters;
  • This model generates only 48-57 dB of noise, which wholly depends on the weight of a load. It therefore demonstrates almost noise-free performance;
  • The Eco-Brake mechanism attached to the generator allows operating the engine at a respective speed depending on the load in place. This is a guarantee of productive fuel capacity in any circumstances.


  • The absence of fuel content indicator makes it difficult to find out how much fuel is left;
  • Durability that allows for a longer duration of usage is also associated with a higher price.
  1. Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Movable Inverter

The Yamaha EF2000iSv2 is a convenient and not too heavy generator that is ideal for outdoor use. The utmost power level is 2,000 wind-up Watts and 1,600 regular Watts.

It is added with a load conscious system that allows users to regulate the engine’s speed in order to suit the attached load and ensure improved fuel productivity and noise regulation.

The gas crank accommodates a bit more than one gallon and can ensure unstoppable running for 10 hours at 25% load. It is a source of clean power, which makes it secure to use this device with sensitive appliances, including mobiles and cameras. It is also added with an innovative controller designed according to the most recent technologies to ensure smooth control and better capacity. There is a fuel indicator allowing users to check the fuel content.

EF2000iSv2 also has a user-friendly parallel connectivity feature, which allows users to connect two of the same models to increase the power level twice. In general, it is a hard-hitting and trustworthy device, which is designed to support a vast number of appliances at home, in camping-buses, and at the camping site. It is powered by one of the most reputable brands, belonging to the top-class category. Read on the full review on Yamaha EF2000iSv2.


  • It weighs only 44 pounds and is as movable as generators can possibly be;
  • It is fuel-productive and has a fuel saving function;
  • Its loudness is estimated at 61 dBs at the fullest capacity, allowing for minimum noise production, which makes it extremely quiet as opposed to other models.


  • It doesn’t produce sufficient power for heavy machinery;
  • Despite its durability, it is quite an expensive model.
  1. Champion Power Equipment 75537I Generator

This is a gas-driven inverter generator that is completely assembled for usage. It has a fixed U-shaped folding grip handle and rough tires, which make it exceptionally user-friendly and easy to operate.

A generator cannot be defined as “movable” as it weighs 95 pounds and has no way of easy shifting. Nevertheless, it has a convenient grip handle and good-quality wheels.

Its power reaches 3,100 wind-up Watts and 2,800 operating Watts, and it is capable of running a maximum of 8 hours with a single full crank of gas at 25% of free capacity.

The Champion Power Equipment 75537i is capable of running an air condition of 13500 BTU. Its tank accommodates 6 liters or a little more than 1.5 gallons, which is a stunning power rate.

It is estimated to reach 58 dB while running. Such camping-bus oriented generator is very quiet, stable and secure, which allows using it even with the most delicate appliances. The client service provided by the company is impressive. The generator shares an ability to operate an air conditioner and re-charge the mobile phone all at once, so it is virtually versatile and extremely powerful.


  • User-friendly and added with a manual recoiling technology, as well as a wind-up electric button and wireless distant monitoring working from 80 feet;
  • It has a fuel-saving capacity, which runs automatically. This function ensures ultimate gas productivity.


  • It is not added with a 240V receptacle, which some users might find inconvenient;
  • It is a pretty hard-weight device as opposed to other models of identical power capacity.
  1. Westinghouse iGen2200 Movable Inverter Generator

Westinghouse iGen2200 has a four-cycling engine and plug-in movable power capacity estimated at 2,200 initial Watts and 1,800 operating Watts.

Its tank accommodates 1.2 gallons of gas allowing it to operate up to 10 hours at a 25% load. It can be connected to other devices in parallel. Just plug another iGen generator to get more power.

The iGen2200 provides a range of high-value functions. You may use an individual enclosing, as well as fans and double mufflers to decrease the loud sound produced by the machine. It is estimated to produce 52 dB of noise.

It has two 120V convenience outlets and a pair of 5V USB ports. It allows for stable and good-quality power production making it secure to utilize with vulnerable digital appliances. It also has a spark protector and is compatible with CARB.

Its weight is 46 pounds, and it has a noise-free and small-sized design complemented with a fixed grip handle, making it easy to carry around. It is an ideal option for camping purposes, powering small devices at home as well as for situations where you might need better productivity.


  • User-friendly and added with an overload safety display;
  • It is specially designed to regulate speed on its own accord in order to ensure the desired level of power. It has increased fuel productivity and limited emission risk as well as reduced noise rate while in use.


  • It is not designed to be used for heavy-weight machinery;
  • It is not equipped with wheels for more convenient storage and better portability.
  1. WEN 56310I Movable Generator

The WEN 56310 model generates 3,100 initial Watts and 2,800 operation Watts. It is suggested to produce steady and clean power restricting its margin of error to just 1.2% at the fullest capacity, which makes it a secure option to be used even for delicate devices including laptops and mobile phones.

It has an Eco-feature switch that increases the fuel consumption to the maximum level and allows regulating the speed of running in order to suit the capacity of the desired load. Additionally, it ensures longer engine lifespan and noise-free running. It weighs around 82 pounds but the fixed wheels and unsteady grip handle ensure better portability. It is also possible to operate it in parallel with other devices as well as connect a pair of the same models to increase the power level twice.

It has an anti-overload display as well as low-oil and low-fuel shutting function, which runs automatically and allows avoiding possible damage of the engine and attached devices. It also has light and fuel content indicators.

It is compatible with CARB as well. WEN 56310 is the best variant for prolonged use while camping or for keeping the technical devices running in case of power blackout.


  • A forceful and fuel-productive engine with extended running duration. Added with a gas crank accommodating 1.85 gallon, which makes it run more than 7.5 hours at 50% load;
  • It is almost noise-free despite its big size, as it makes 57 dB of noise at quarter load.


  • Poor-quality housing that is vulnerable to damage;
  • The Eco-rating is good only if the loads require less than 1,000 Watts of power.

You might have already chosen the best kind of movable source of power that serves your needs the most. Now it is time to choose the best movable inverter generator. This choice is not as easy as it seems but you just need to take into account a few issues that will help you select the best option available.

Issues to Consider Before Purchasing – Purpose of Use, Properties, Pricing

You might be the kind of a person who wishes to learn everything necessary before making the final choice regarding your future purchase. The first thing you need to do is narrow down your list of options.

Where Will You Use Your Generator?

Be that as it may, it is important to decide where you will be using your generator. Each purpose of use may influence your final choice.

  • Supporting power source at home: This depends on what you will need to charge on a regular basis. If it is just a mobile phone, then a small generator with the power capacity of 1,000 Watts will be enough. However, if it is a drain pump or a garage gateway, you might need a bigger device;
  • Camping-buses and cabins: If you plan to go camping for a long time, you will need an inverter generator that can produce the power of 2,000 Watts at a minimum. Operating different devices at the same time will require much power. One more important issue is the capacity to connect a pair of inverter-based generators together, which will let you enjoy their portability and achieve greater power output all at once;
  • Camping: You need to figure out what you wish to charge and for what period of time before purchasing a generator for camping purposes. In most cases, you will not need a big generator, as there is not much electricity needed in the depth of the forest. 1,000 Watts or less will be sufficient.

Long-Term Perspective – Consider Gas Productivity

A vast number of inverter-based generators are equipped with a gas tank that accommodates 0.5-2.0 liters. If we are talking about running time, movable generators often have a downside. Longer running time requires bigger gas tanks, which makes them less movable. Greater portability stands for a smaller gas tank and shorter running time. Thus, you need to evaluate your choices, and if there are just a few pounds variance, always opt for longer running time.

Portability – Lightweight Construction of Additional Wheels

Different people treat portability in their own way given that there are many power sources such as inverter-based generators. Some people wish to lift their inverter generator, while others need more powerful construction added with wheels. When selecting such a device, you will need to find a compromise. Personally, I would give up on the ability to move the generator for the capacity to operate digital devices longer.

If you just have a regular portable generator, then the particular type of its construction is an issue of your own choice.

User-Friendly – Using Generator for the First Time

If you are not acquainted with the benefits and shortcomings of such equipment, you will most probably opt for buying a more or less user-friendly device, which has the following:

  • Low oil level shutting opportunity;
  • Low gas level shutting opportunity;
  • Gas calculator.

The major part of inverter-based generators has all these characteristics, but you need to make sure they have those to be on the safe side.

Loudness – Make Sure You Don’t Disturb Your Neighbors

Although inverter-based generators are much quieter than regular ones, there are still many differences between diverse types of such machines. Therefore, it is important to consider the loudness of the generator of your choice. Even though this might not be the final factor, you still need to consider this aspect. The loudness of a generator can be evaluated in decibel (dB). If it exceeds 60 dB at 50% load, the noise level is higher than usual.

Pricing – Make Sure You Can Afford It

If you have already made your choice regarding the type of the generator, then you’ve probably seen the pricing. Inverter-based generators are more costly than regular ones. However, such a device is more versatile, has a lot better quality, and is a lot easier to use. The price for such a machine might be higher than for the usual one, but due to the ever-growing popularity of such inverters, most people consider that they are worth the price.

Be Careful – Avoid These Errors When Purchasing a Generator

Avoiding the following errors will guarantee that you get the right generator at the right value.

  • Don’t pay attention to the market tricks, but concentrate on the specific features of each device. If you wish to sell a cake, then you would be saying it is the best one of all, even if it’s not true;
  • Purchase a device crafted by a reputable company. If you have never heard of some company, you should never purchase a generator from them;
  • Get a proper warranty. If there are two machines that meet your preferences, check whether they come with a warranty. The one with the best terms will be your best selection. A warranty is a good indicator of how producers evaluate their products;
  • Checking the price is also important. Consider different options or even purchase one online to save some cash.

Making the Final Decision

You might have already decided on the desirable properties, the purpose of use and the required size of a generator, as well as the noise rating and the pricing that fits your budget. The last thing you need to do is just buy one.

The most important issue to consider here is that despite the ever-growing diversity, one cannot claim that one particular type surpasses all others. This is because the best generator for one person could be too noisy and inconvenient for the other.

In order to ensure that your generator demonstrates the best characteristics, you may also check out a range of handy accessories.

Why Are Inverter Generators So Special?

Such concepts as ‘generator’, ‘inverter generator’ or ‘power inverter’ are most commonly used to define different types of generators, but there are differences between them in terms of their properties and capacities. In order to find out these differences, there is a need to have a look at each of their characteristics.

  • Generators

A generator is powered by fuel and is attached to the alternator in order to generate electric power. Their motor needs to run at a regular speed in order to generate the required current.

  • Power Inverters

An inverter generates power from the built-in DC outlet, such as an automobile battery or solar power. It also uses electric chains in order to transform the DC power into the AC one.

  • Innovative Inverter Generators

Inverter-based generators are grounded on a 3-stage mechanism. They produce AC power just like other generators, but the given power is later transformed into DC and ‘inverted’ to produce pure electricity based on harmonic variation. Such energy is supposed to be better than the regular one. This is because harmonic variation allows avoiding distortions in the current, which often happens in usual generator types. This makes the use of such generators safer especially with vulnerable digital devices, such as cameras and audio systems.

Exclusive Features of Inverter Generators

Inverter-based generators are exceptionally useful if to compare them with ordinary ones, and they have numerous benefits that are not peculiar to their counterparts. If you are looking for a movable source of power, there are different primary features you need to consider, and an inverter generator is in most cases more likely to suit your individual needs.

  • Secure Energy Production for Susceptible Devices

In many cases, when looking for a movable source of power, you might wish to find something versatile for home use or camping purposes. All of these purposes of usage have one common characteristic: you will need to power susceptible digital devices, including mobile phones, laptops, etc. The use of an ordinary generator may cause harm to the electronics, because of their uncontrollable nature of power production. Using inverter generators is much more secure due to a better power quality produced with their help.

  • Easy-to-Operate Movable Power Source

We are living in the age of constant search of comfort, and inverter generators are often many times more convenient than inverters or regular generators. They are equipped with their own power saving system (battery), and they can easily be used for powering vulnerable digital devices. You will not have to worry about the risk of spoiling them, and there are no special terms of their running (such as solar power panels in case you use an inverter).

Pricing of an Inverter Generator

Many of us are aware that comfort needs to be paid for, and the same refers to inverter generators. The only potential drawback of such machinery is their pricing. The cost of such a generator is often much higher than that of a regular one, but all those exceptional features they have are surely worth their price.

In any case, it is up to you to decide whether an inverter-based generator is the best movable power source for your individual needs. However, the comfort and characteristics available make such machines a preferable movable power source.

In What Cases an Inverter Generator Outperforms a Regular One?

Regular and inverter generators can both be used for producing extra power. Based on our reviews on inverter generators, you might have understood which models are the best. However, even world-class generators cannot replace a regular one in certain circumstances, and vice versa. This makes us wonder where an inverter generator would be more appropriate. The answer to this question is hidden in the differences between the two types.

  • Ordinary Generators

The overall construction of a generator presupposes a fuel-driven motor that is connected to the alternator. As long as the alternator is working, it will generate electric power, just like the engine and the alternator are working in your automobile. However, the motor of a regular generator has to operate at a constant speed in order to produce the required current and be able to run AC devices. Ordinary generators are of huge size and often reach 10,000 Watts if used for commercial purposes. In the future, commercial generators could be so big that they would power your whole apartment, refrigerator, TV-set and the rest of commodities.

  • Inverter Generators

Inverter generators are a lot more complex than ordinary ones, as they are based on a 3-stage mechanism. Just like usual ones, they produce AC power. However, this is where the common features come to an end. Inverter-based generators convert electric power into DC, which may not seem logical at first. As soon as the power is transformed into DC, they invert it to produce the harmonic variance energy, which is a more consistent power type. Such energy is suggested to be a steady type of electricity. Still, inverter generators are not as big as ordinary ones, reaching up to 6,000 Watts.

Properties of Inverter-Based Generators that Outperform Ordinary Ones

The following properties are suggested to prove the major difference between the two types.

  • Parameters: Inverter generators are supposed to be portable in nature. They can have the parameters of 24 x 13 x 15 inches, while some of them are bigger and others are a bit smaller. Regular generators do not have a privilege of small size;
  • Weight: It is not uncommon to encounter inverter generators weighing less than 75 pounds, and sometimes they can be even lighter. Although you may find smaller types, inverter generators are in most cases light-weight;
  • Fuel: Although generators are often equipped with bigger tanks, inverter generators are more fuel-productive owing to their capacity to regulate the output on their own accord depending on the load;
  • Loudness: This might be the most significant difference between the two types of generators. The usual inverter device reaches up to 61 dB at full load. In contrast, the electric razor produces 68 dB. At the same time, regular generators produce 65-75 dB, which is the same rating as in jet engines. This is important for many reasons, especially because it may be intolerable to hear such noise all the time.
  • Power Capacity: Generators can be of any size; from several hundred Watts to more than fifty thousand. The major part of them sustains less than 6,000 Watts.
  • Type of Power: We are living in the epoch of computers and smartphones, and our valuables often become the reason to buy an extra power source to be used at home or a portable one for camping purposes. Evidently, generators are vulnerable to distortions in power capacity. Inverter generators, however, produce consistent power. As a result, charging your mobile phone with a regular generator could spoil the sensitive accumulator, so it would be more secure to use an inverter one.

Cases When an Inverter-Based Generator Outperforms a Regular One

  • Camping: An inverter-based generator can power your appliances with little noise;
  • Camping-buses: You will not need a noisy generator in this case, because there are certain noise limits at night hours on most campsites;
  • Cabin: If you wish to plug in your mobile, laptop or stove in a cabin or on the boat, you would not be happy to listen to the constant roaring of a generator;
  • Emergency Support: You will require a steady and noise-free power source to charge your appliances in case of an emergency.

If only you do not need a big-sized source of power, an inverter-based generator will be a perfect option. It is a secure, stable and noise-free power source to be used in different situations. It is easy to carry it around, and it does not require much maintenance. The above reviews covered the functions and advantages of diverse models, which will allow you to make the right choice.

There has been seen relative advancement in such sources of power. We’ve restricted the vast range of inverter generators to only a few options of their category. We’ve also done much research to find out which models and of which brands are the best. We have therefore decided to review only the best models on the market, having covered the primary features of diverse types. Our guidelines, comparison tables, and reviews will help you identify the necessary power source, find out its topical features and, as a result, make the right choice as for which one would suit you the best.

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